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MalaysiaKini interviews the Stars of 1S1M1S

Dec 19, 2010 | Interviews | Leave a Comment »

Meet the stars of 1S1M1S!
Malaysiakini presents Jo Kukathas, one of the most talented, versatile and charismatic performers of our time.
Check out our exclusive interview with Ribena Berry and Jo’s other alter egos from 1S1M1S in
Produced and edited by Indrani Kopal

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Discourses with Yang Berhormat by Sharaad Kuttan

Dec 13, 2010 | Interviews | 21 Comments »

From Malaysian Insider
Discourses with Yang Berhormat
By Sharaad Kuttan

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 20 — In an exclusive interview,The Malaysian Insider speaks to one of the most recognisable faces in Malaysian politics today on matters central to the state of the nation. The indubitable Yang Berhormat does his best to muddy the waters.
TMI: Let me begin by saying [...]

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Interview with the Nut Graph- “Love the PM. Any PM” (14 May 2010)

May 14, 2010 | Interviews | 26 Comments »

By Shannon Shah of The Nut Graph

THOUGH difficult to track down, the infamous YB (just “YB”, like “Madonna” or “Sting” or “Prince”) finally agreed to an exclusive with The Nut Graph. In this interview on 12 May 2010, YB shares his views with us on things Malaysian and current.
YB is currently [...]

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Interview with NST: Absurd Reality with Sex! Money! Scandal! (6/5/10)

May 7, 2010 | Interviews | 31 Comments »

AN explosively funny story involving missing engines, mansions, murders and things that go bump in the night, Sex! Money! Scandal! — The Pandemic, will be staged at PJ Live Arts in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya on May 15 and 16.
An Instant Cafe Theatre production, it stars ICT founder and artistic director Jo Kukathas.Kukathas plays multiple [...]

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Interview with KLue Magazine: Jo Kukathas on ICT turning 21! (3/5/10)

May 7, 2010 | Interviews | 40 Comments »

Instant Cafe Theatre celebrates its 21st anniversary in 2010; the venerable theatre company, best known for its satirical comedy revues, is finally old enough to vote!
ICT’s brand of political humour torpedo-ed taboos, amid general Malaysia’s self-censoring cowardice, back in the 1990s and early 2000s. (One anecdote has Dr M, after watching an ICT show and [...]

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Interview: Jo Kukathas on Instant Cafe Theatre turning 21!

May 4, 2010 | Interviews | 29 Comments »

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Deepak Menon Questions and Conversations

May 4, 2010 | Interviews | 47 Comments »

In conjunction with the coming event ‘Deepak Menon Film Showing and Conversations’, here are some commonly given questions on the coming man of the hour, Deepak Menon.

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Skit: Also Can Ask by Guest Contributor, Eunice Au

Dec 1, 2009 | Interviews | 20 Comments »

We trawled through our cobwebbed and dusty archives and were thrilled to find many gems. Here’s a script from the ancient days. Enjoy!

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Peta Patterns: Mapping Multiple Malaysias by Guest Contributor, Eunice Au

Nov 15, 2009 | Interviews | 24 Comments »

The ever-changing landscape of our country represents the existing multiple Malaysias, each one different from the other, not just ONE Malaysia.

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Global Playwrights Series: Top Girls by Guest Contributor, Eunice Au

Nov 11, 2009 | Interviews | 26 Comments »

Great cast. Packed show. Engaged audience. Lots of tea. O what a night!

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Photography & Installation Exhibition by Guest Contributor, Eunice Au

Nov 10, 2009 | Interviews | 40 Comments »

Installing Puah Chin Kok’s photography exhibition was a rollercoaster ride of emotions that started with excitement, followed by enthusiasm, numbness, horror, hope and lastly satisfaction. Let us explain.

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Our History, Their History, Whose History: Emeritus Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim in conversation with Eddin Khoo by Guest Contributor, Eunice Au

Nov 1, 2009 | Interviews | 15 Comments »

A nasi lemak seller earns more than Professor Khoo does. He can’t afford to eat at Mandarin Oriental everyday but the nasi lemak seller could buy the whole hotel.

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Global Playwrights Series: The Yalta Conference by Guest Contributor, Eunice Au

Oct 21, 2009 | Interviews | 31 Comments »

How would you like history to be taught in schools? Wading through endless pages of a textbook filled with text, minimal pictures and confusing lingo? Guess not. We at CHAI think throwing in a play reading or two is bound to break the monotony!

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Monash University NGO Fair Booth by Guest Contributor, Eunice Au

Oct 20, 2009 | Interviews | 37 Comments »

Know what we at ICT would love to see?
Fresh faces, new talent and enthusiasm!
Drop by CHAI anytime for a cup of tea,
Your presence my dears would be simply awesome! ;)

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A fresh beginning at CHAI by Guest Contributor, Eunice Au

Oct 13, 2009 | Interviews | 26 Comments »

A Fresh Beginning at CHAI
by Eunice Au
For almost three years now, the Instant Cafe Theatre Company has been homeless. Or to be more specific, the company was working out of artistic director Jo Kukathas’ house. Meetings in pjs (pajamas), anyone? Good news is ICT is homeless no more (as of August [...]

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The Conference of the Birds by Guest Contributor Andrew Sia

Sep 3, 2009 | Articles, Interviews | 23 Comments »

“We hired a director than went to war with her for the next one month,” relates Andrew Hale of the Happy Dagger Theatre (HDT). Hmmm…is that how his outfit got its name?
“She didn’t understand that we (the actors in the production) wanted to collborate to make the show,” Hale almost answers our innermost thoughts.
He was [...]

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Happy Dagger Workshops by Guest Contributor Andrew Sia

Aug 20, 2009 | Articles, Interviews | Leave a Comment »

“The actor’s job is just to be seen,” announces Andrew Hale in his first workshop session for the Instant Cafe Theatre – Happy Dagger Theatre training cum collaboration on 31 July.
“Be” – that’s the keyword for actors. Not “Do”.
This is my first ever acting workshop and I am thinking, OK, after the limbering up exercises, [...]

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